Thursday, February 24, 2011

Music Break: Sometimes You Need To Just Dance and Dance Freely

Love this video and everything it represents. It will instantly bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart. An unexpected, perfect timing, fantastic share. Check it for yourself. Move something. Move the negative. Move the anger. Move the hate. Move the stress. Move the love. Shake it. Spread it. Free it. Pass it on but only the love part.

Monday, February 14, 2011

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY: Chocolate Candy Coated Kisses. Is Your Heart Open or Closed...

February14th, the designated day in which love is celebrated and expressed between intimate companions. Do you love me, yes or no? How can I count the ways in which I love you. Show me your love with chocolate, flowers or with written words singing your hearts intentions. Is your heart open or closed today? Is their a special somebody that's brings joy to your good mornings and your good nights? Do you need the help of this day to stand up for you, because you have not told that someone how much they mean to you throughout the relationship. Love should be expressed more than once a year. It should be a regular occurrence and it doesn't always need fanfare. However, a little out of the way extra has never made a situation worst.

Love is fluid and free flowing. Love is not painful or disrespectful, this is definitely not love. Love is never-ending, constantly showing up, changing and rearranging. We all have it, this love thing. Sometimes it's an intimate love between lovers or the love we have for family and friends. Whatever your present condition, is your heart open or closed? "But I thought this was love," turned out to be mis-guided love, not the right one love, you make me crazy love, bunny burning love, I can't live without you love, you make me cheat love, one night stand love, these are temporary and short-term loves that sometimes confuses the heart. These are love impersonators. Beware.

Love resides in all of us whether your heart is open or closed. The creator placed it there. Keeping it open and maintained will provide the best experience throughout our lives. Even when an experience presents a challenge but challenges keeps you alert, and the heart needs exercising. Use your heart daily, it's strong. Love and love often. Share it, learn from it, care for it, but don't abuse it or someone else's. Come in peace and keep the light on. Happy Valentine's Day! Tell somebody.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Catch of The Day

The first fish was captured with my camera on the wall of a downtown building. Fishing should be so easy. Right? I would drive pass this fish often and knew I needed to take a photograph. I wanted to get a picture of this before it got removed or before the building was torn down. We tear down a lot of old buildings in this town. It wasn't until pulling over one day with my camera in the car, and having your camera in the car is very key to spontaneity. Otherwise it's a missed moment. So finally, after parking and getting closer to the fish, I realized the body of the fish is constructed with old 45 records. Love it even more. Click.

The last fish was caught by the local fish market, they do that so well. This was a Sheepshead, meaty with a mild flavor. It was baked in butter, garlic, onions, salt and pepper. Lovely. Very simple. Very delicious.