Saturday, August 21, 2010

Soul Sista {Happy Birthday: The Reflection}

What better way to say Happy Birthday to me. I too, am a Soul Sista. Making my way, bearing it all, and giving up the fear with prayer, style, humour, and the doing. What is "the doing?" The doing is: doing it in spite of or doing it because I love it. Walking in the spirit and the knowledge of who I am; a Soul Sista, in every sense of that meaning. Sensuous and intelligent; faithful and true; consulting with the creator. Discovering all that is meant to be, and never forgetting that I too, am a Soul Sista. This is a very beautiful video and Bilal is outstanding. The images are simply gorgeous. A black and white classic masterpiece. Beautiful lines with a conscientious attention to details. A lovely characteristic to possess. Totally breathtaking. Love it. Check it.

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