Monday, October 18, 2010

There's Beauty In Black

There is nothing like seeing black in graphic design. It almost always accentuates the best parts and adds a touch of elegance to the situation. Guaranteed to make things pop or add drama, especially if something needs extra attention or a little more weight. For example, adding a frame with the Sade magazine cover gave it a little more over the top appeal, and of course over the top has it's time and place. Choose wisely. These various treatments and graphic design projects below are enhanced by the color black thus providing a good visual experience for designing while in the mood for black saturation.

Biggie Small Poster via dubc4kife
This dark and smoky poster gives the illusion of deliberate moodiness and sophistication. The color black is playing a star role for the perfect visual graphic design effect.

"This video is what makes everything in this "Africa is where music was born" campaign, come to a cohesive light. Stunning and award winning.
Product: Channel 'O' Tree Animation
Client: Channel O
Agency: Ogilvy Johannesburg
Art Directors: Suzanne Jenner, Stephanie Symonds
Animators: TX Media and Craig Malan, Rachel Skevington, Stuart Cloete, Shelly Becker, Lex Trickett
Illustration & Typography: Rudi de Wet

A great James Brown poster announcing a concert, that was design with typography. Bravo to the this designer, job well done, and again the strong use of black makes all the type just pop. This is exactly what makes a wonderful souvenir poster. 

"Africa is where music was born." A visual extravaganza by the South African design firm, Ogilvy South Africa. Their work is exquisite and irresistible. The genius of the piece leaves you stunned, amazed, and applauding. This experience was made possible by Kiss My Black Ads who is always bringing attention to the best and the most interesting in the field of design, music, film and advertising.  This is poster is an accompaniment to this campaign.
Shared by shebreathes via hybridchic

Sade is always stunning and amazing when she graces any cover. Born Helen Folasade Adu, a.k.a. Sade, a soulful, sultry, velvet throat mesmerizer and always leaving us wanting more. Well she has returned and is picking up just were she left off. Singing those love songs, I have survived songs, and love will return songs. I am a soldier of love song. But in the meantime I'm living my life. Love that. Beautiful and mysterious, but making music her own way, in her own timing. Not at all pressed by the music industry, guided only by her Heart, Art and Spirit. At 51 she looks totally fabulous as she prepares to go on tour around the world. Sade, doing it her way but isn't that what we admire about her. The Black frame gave the cover, "the in your face" effect.


  1. She's been a classic from day one.

  2. Most definitely and we all know the longevity of the classics.