Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving: To Family and Friends. To Caring and Mending. To Sharing and Gathering. To Serving and Loving. Togetherness. Cheers.

Enjoy the [Experience]

Gathering together to share moments together is what we do as humans. Sometimes it's at special occasions, sad occasions or just because we miss the feel of home. Hopefully, we are lucky enough to have come from a place that we can miss and not from a place that causes anxiety or memories of bad experiences. But to commune with those that we call our family, either born into or relationships developed through time, these are the social ingredients that help make us who we are. We need each other in order to thrive. Life should not be lived alone, it should be shared, nurtured, learnt from and passed on. Of course life is not perfect but that's part of the journey of being better. We struggle, we have regrets, misunderstandings, bad experiences, many things that require us to move beyond. Moving is hard sometimes but remaining stuck is equally as hard with the added burden of being a thief of time.

Love and forgiveness are the key. They are very powerful tools and very useful tools. Especially if we need to apply them to ourselves. Oh, and forgiving doesn't mean the continuation of negativity or remaining in a harmful situation. It just means that you are no longer held hostage by the actions or bad choices of another. Self love: if we're not loving ourselves properly, how can we love another properly. Know yourself, it's worth the commitment.

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