Wednesday, September 1, 2010

An Intimate Affair: It's A Food Thing

The art of entertaining first starts in the heart, and is powered by love. Love for giving and sharing yourself with others. It begins with an appreciation for all things delicious, and scrumptious. Add food, then you are only limited by your imagination. Add friends and it becomes good times to savor, an experience that can last until the next occasion or even longer. These are the moments when a little extra goes a long way, and dinning at home can be just as exciting as dining out. Start with a guest list. Dinner for two or four, keep it intimate. Next, plan your menu, make a list of needed items, and gather up those special items to make your presentation fabulous. The cooking part can be a combination of homemade or store bought. Your call, your time. The outcome will be joy and delight from your guest. A memorable moment to dream on. An additional layer of love added to the atmosphere. Try it.

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