Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Presenting: Valerie June

Valerie Junesinger, songwriter, and self-taught guitarist. Singing the sounds of her soul, and living by the calling in her heart. To create her music. Delivering a style of music that consists of "heartbreak ballads, folk songs, spirituals, and soul-stirring blues." For Valerie, her special blend, or her personal style of music, she refers as, "Organic Moonshine Roots Music." This sound is tied to her family roots which began in West Tennessee. She is an emerging new artist making her way onto the blues stage but doing it her way, sometimes through trial and error. Knowing that it is the journey and the struggles of life that gives us strength and wisdom, she never gives up. In addition, understanding that the music industry is forever changing, and more creative ways are necessary to make dreams come true. Valerie has partnered with Kickstarter to raise funds and to record a new album called "Manifest." This means of raising money is more grassroots, and community collective with fan participation. We all make investments to one thing or another, this is an opportunity to invest in a dream. My first initiation with this singer was through her hair, massive like a lioness mane. Beautiful to behold. Then I heard her voice and her story; unique and captivating. Her motto: "To live simply, to live within my means, to be a creator, fill this place, that I'm trying to fill in my heart, with my music." Her story here, and a longer version here. Listen for yourself. This post was inspired by Dream Hampton, a warrior woman.

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